Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monster Mayan Frieze and Frankenfish

Experts dub a Mayan frieze and mega-sized Frankenfish as two out-of-this-world finds this week:Archeologists say Gods and governors decorate the Mayan ruins they discovered in Guatemala this past July. The deities and the deified were discovered in ancient high-relief stucco carvings which are being touted now as a 'once in a lifetime' find."This is an extraordinary finding that occurs only once in the life of an archaeologist," said Francisco Estrada-Belli, the professor from Tulane University who headed up the expedition. "It’s a great work of art."Mayan friezeCourtesy National Geographic, Estrada-Belli and and his team were exploring nearby Mayan ruins built circa 600 AD when they stumbled upon the never-before-seen Mayan frieze. Its richly ornate sculpture and well preserved inscription of names "gives us a lot of information on the role and significance of the building, which was the focus of our research.”Shown above, Guatemala's Mayan frieze measures 26 feet by 6 feet (8 meters by 2 meters) and features three prominent characters, each seated on the head of a monster and wearing quetzal feathers and jade.Mayan Empire historians have determined that it was commissioned by King Ajwosaj who ruled the city-state of Naranjo, a vassal of the Kaanul dynasty.Asian 'Frankenfish' snakeheadA Virgina fisherman's catch in June was equally monstrous, although not quite as artistically appealing.He reeled in a Frankenfish record setting snakehead that, as you can see by the photograph on the left, also takes first prize for ugly.At nearly 18 pounds, the sharp-toothed freshwater predator from Asia that 27-year-old Caleb Newton yanked out of a northern Virginian creek is now in the record books as the largest one ever captured.No tall fish tale, it measured three-feet in length.This invasive species is one of the most tenacious as well, able to survive in extremely shallow streams and even mud if necessary, making eradication from America waters highly problematic.

Monster Mayan Frieze and Frankenfish Images

... the Mayan city of Holmul in the northern province of Peten, Guatemala
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Mayan Frieze Discovered in Guatemala | WebProNews
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