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It's A Privilege Getting To Know Wentworth Miller

Blair Hall – Princeton UniversityI’d like to share the following article about Went with you because it’s very well written. Wentworth Miller – Actor/Writer.He arrived as an actor in 2003 with his outstanding performance as a young black man passing for white in The Human Stain, a success he amplified — along with his fan base — by playing the resourceful, self-sacrificing brother of a man on death row in the Fox series Prison Break. Yet it is as a screenwriter that Wentworth Miller is making his deepest mark on the movies. His script for Stoker — titled in honor of the author of Dracula, but about a family whose bloody interactions are psychological, not supernatural — not only made the 2010 Black List but attracted Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska and director Chan-Wook Park. In the works are a prequel, called Uncle Charlie; The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, a murder mystery based on a novel by David Wrobleski; an original ghost story, The Disappointments Room; Scare Me, based on Richard Parker’s novel; and With a Friend Like Harry, an American retelling of Dominik Moll’s sinister French hit. Born in 1972 in Oxford, England (where his dad was a Rhodes Scholar), he grew up in Brooklyn, was educated at Princeton, and boasts a United Nations of ancestors: African, Jamaican, Russian, French, Syrian and Native America. Despite a bloodline worthy of a Tolstoy novel and an alma mater in common with F. Scott Fitzgerald, he had neither the nerve nor the motivation to try writing, at first. A desire was there, but acting drew him first, to the initial chagrin of his parents. Success eased their worries — and, as it turns out, lit a spark in Miller himself. Once he tried his hand at playing all the parts on paper, being master of his own little universe, he found writing the most satisfying creative experience of his life. A different kind of caution became his game plan — he sent Stoker around under a pseudonym. Experience has taught him that Hollywood likes nothing better than to put you in a box. He worried that his writing wouldn’t be taken seriously if people looked at it and thought, actor. Not that he’s quit acting — in October he’ll be seen in The Loft, written by Wesley Strick — but for now he’s happy to be the new go-to guy for suspense dramas and thrillers. Not afraid to branch out, he’s got a historical biopic in the oven, but is mum about its protagonist. He’s also cooking up an original spec so personal that he hopes to direct it — the next logical ambition, given his present success rate — and he admits to one slight phobia. Comedy scares him.Favorite way to procrastinate: What I will admit to doing — when I’m feeling insecure about my writing — is that I’ll go and see a movie that I know will be crap. Then I’ll sit there eating popcorn thinking, “Well, this got made.” And then I’ll feel hopeful again. Then I’ll go home and write. [A method to Went’s madness… she teases.]Pastime you’ve taken up between takes: Do naps count as a pastime? [Yep they sure do Went… one of my favourites too!]Best place you’ve found to write: Near the refrigerator. [Yes I've said it before … Went loves food.  That means the way to Went’s heart is through his stomach.  I rate myself as being a pretty good cook … just saying Went. [She giggles.]Band or singer you’re obsessed with: Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of early Françoise Hardy. And the Bird and the Bee. And the Mills Brothers. I love those guys. [Hey so do I! What can I say Went’s got good taste.] lucky ladies had the privilege of meeting Went too at Martino’s/Macaroni’s. a happy picture this is of Went.  Notice how he’s smiling from ear to ear.  It’s obvious that Went enjoys being acknowledged by his fans and I’m just thrilled to see him loving all the attention because he truly deserves all the appreciation and affection from his fans.  Went has earned my respect that’s for sure!  Mr Miller, hopefully one day I’ll have the privilege of meeting you in person too. [She says shyly.]There’s no harm in dreaming … is there?

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Getting to know Prison Break hottie
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Did You Know Stoker Was Written By That Hot Dude From Prison Break ...
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Wentworth Miller III - Unfortunately, I think Jonathan Rhys Myers ...
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