Friday, August 30, 2013

I'll just sit in the dark

It's the feast day of St. Monica of Hippo. Monica, who was originally from Wombat and moved to the better neighborhood of Hippo, was known as a virtuous woman. Much to her disappointment, she was also the mother of St. Augustine. She continually encouraged (nagged) her son (the lazy bum) about his debauched ways until she successfully convinced him to convert.  She is the patron saint of all Jewish mothers and those with disappointing children.August 27, 1882 -Schmuel Gelbfisz, (Samuel Goldwyn), glove maker, sales man and pioneer filmmaker was born in Warsaw, Poland on this date.His sayings, sometimes known as "Goldwynisms," were famous for their unintentional wit, which was partially as a result of his somewhat limited understanding of the English language that surfaced when he tried to comment on certain situations. There are many examples of this, such as "Include me out" or "a verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on.".August 27, 1916 -Martha Raye, singer, actor, denture wearer was born in Butte, Montana, on this date.Martha left the bulk of her estate to Mark Harris, but left some money to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Harris spent a portion of his money designing a line of furs.August 27, 1943 -(An almost forgotten film) Warner Bros. released the Lillian Hellman anti-fascist drama, Watch On The Rhine, starring Bette Davis, Paul Lukas, Geraldine Fitzgerald and Beulah Bondi, on this date. Watch on the Rhine was a play produced on Broadway eight months before the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese. In it, Lillian Hellman was heralding America's entrance in World War II. The screenplay is credited to Ms. Hellman and Dashiell Hammett, her long time companion.August 27, 1947 -20th Century Fox's classic film-noir, crime-drama, Kiss of Death, premiered on this date.When New York mobster "Crazy" Joe Gallo was starting out as a small time hoodlum, he saw this movie and instantly idolized Tommy Udo (Richard Widmark). Afterwards, Gallo began wearing his suits with black shirts and white ties in emulation of Udo. He also began acting in a more crazed manner, thus giving rise to his "Carzy Joe" persona which lasted until the gangster's death in 1972 when he was shot to death in a restaurant. August 27, 1961 -Francis the Talking Mule was mystery guest on 'What's My Line' on this date.This was a gentle reminder that we are not living through the nadir of television.Today in History:August 27, 413 BC -A lunar eclipse interrupted the evening sodomy among the sailors of the Athens fleet on this evening, affecting the outcome of a battle in the Peloponnesian War. The Athenians were ready to move their forces from Syracuse when the Moon was eclipsed. The soldiers and sailors were startled by this celestial omen and clung tightly to their ship mates.The fleet’s commander, Nicias, gutted a sheep and postpones the fleet’s departure for 27 days. The delay gave an advantage to their enemies, the Syracusans, who went on to defeat the entire Athenian fleet and army, killing Nicias in the process.August 27, 410 -In case you were keeping score, the Sack of Rome still continued unabated. The orgies were winding down as everything that moved had been used. The Visigoths were forced to engage in unnatural acts with statuary.For those of you with a more genteel nature, I'll won't tell you how the statuary was used.Political Philosophy has caused more human death and suffering than any other disease. No inoculations exist. Outbreaks are sudden and almost always fatal. Political Philosophy strikes young and old alike, healthy and sickly, nimble and clumsy, lefty and righty. By the time its symptoms are visible, you have very little time to protect yourself. Popular referendums will only exacerbate the problem.Emigrate at once.Case studies:On August 27, 1793, the Committee of Public Safety in Paris, France, accepted its newest member, Maximilien Robespierre.Robespierre soon rose to prominence on the basis of his Political Philosophy, the Guillotine, which was quicker than Inalienable Rights and more readily understood than Separation of Powers.On August 27, 1770, Georg William Hegel was born on this date. Georg's family was so poor that they couldn't afford the second 'e' in his first name. Hegel was also a kind of political philosopher.He believed in theses and antitheses and that sooner or later everyone ended up in Synthetics. Unfortunately there was no way to test his theory, as this was well before the invention of polyester.August 27, 1952 -Paul Reubens (Pee-wee Herman) American actor, writer, comedian and public onanist was born on this date.Reubens credits pioneer TV children's show host Pinky Lee as a partial inspiration for his "Pee-Wee Herman" character. Like Reubens, Lee also wore a tight checked suit and hat as part of his characterization.August 27, 1967 -Brian Epstein, the man who discovered the Beatles and guided them to mega-stardom, died at his London residence, from an overdose of sleeping pills, on this date.Many critics believe this traumatic event ultimately lead to the Beatles breakup.And so it goes. Before you go - Most people have learned to watch their weight and properly apply sunscreen, but how many Americans really know how to protect themselves against assassination? Not many. And yet, each year, millions of people are killed by assassins.It’s tragic because these are needless deaths, almost all of which could have been prevented. I have found on the internet, a few simple precautions can help ensure that no assassin’s bullet will ever have your name on it:a) First, get plenty of exercise, eat plenty of vegetables, and avoid being born into royalty.b) Don’t be president, prime minister, or other Top Person.c) Don’t create a military junta or mastermind a coup.d) Don’t say or write anything that might be considered disparaging by anyone with their own military junta.e) Do not found a religion.f) Do not oppose a religion.g) If your parents are gods, dismember them.h) If your children are gods, devour them.i) Excel at nothing.j) Stay indoors.k) Always call shotgun when driving with suicide car-bombers.

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