Monday, May 6, 2013

Rihanna lipstick for MAC sells out in three hours (Video)

Rihanna's new lipstick for MAC , RiRi Woo ,went on sale for the first time on May 2. Justthree hours later, all stock of the covetedred lipstick was sold out. Guess, Rihannaisn’t the only MAC fan.Thanking her fans and expressing her delight,Rihanna took to Twitter and posted,“#SOLDOUT!!!!!!!!!! First shipment sell awf!!!Next shipment isn't til June!!! Mac girls gonewild!!!…”. RiRi is correct about MAC girlsgoing wild. RiRi Woo marks the first timethat a MAC lipstick has sold out of stock in athree-hour period.The shade, RiRi Woo, is a twist on MACfavorite Ruby Woo. It is the first productfrom the singer's 'multi-collection deal' withthe brand. Rihanna announced the launch ofRiRi Hearts MAC line in February. RiRi Woolipstick, which will be back in stock in June,is the first product in the RiRi Hearts MACline. The line will include eye shadowpalettes, brushes and false lashes and willlaunch in four seasonal collections.


Rihanna lipstick for MAC
sells out in three hours
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Rihanna's first lipstick for MAC sells out in three hours!
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... MAC Sells Out Of Rihanna’s RiRi Woo Lipstick In Three Hours
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Rihanna’s New MAC Lipstick Sells Out in 3 Hours | Yeeeah!
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