Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jumper kills 5-year-old

Jumper kills 5-year-old, A 5-year-old South Korean girl was killed when a man who jumped from his 11th floor apartment landed on top of her, police said.The incident took place Wednesday in Busan, a port city in the southern part of the country.The girl had left her apartment building with her parents when a 38-year-old tenant made his suicide plunge, said Busan Police officer Kim Gil-san.The man died on the spot. He apparently was being treated for depression, police said.The girl was taken to a hospital and died of skull fracture, Kim said.Her parents were unharmed.South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates among economically advanced countries.

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Jumper kills 5-year-old Girl In Busan South Korea (photo courtesy ...
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Jumper Kills 5-Year-Old: Girl Crushed By Suicide Jumper, 39, In South ...
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Suicidal Jumper Kills 5-Year-Old After Landing on Her in South Korea
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woman and man, both smiling, are walking towards the left side of ...
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