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Live 2013 NFL Draft Coverage Day One/First Round

Manti Te'o and Geno Smith are both surprises to be on the board still but both could go early tomorrow. First time no running backs go in first round since 1963. Our NFL Draft coverage will continue tomorrow night so join us again then.The world champion Baltimore Ravens have found a ball hawking safety in Matt Elam. Elam knows how to make plays whether it be big hits or turnovers.The Dallas Cowboys have pulled off the craziest pick of the night by taking Wisconsin center Travis Frederick. Frederick is talented but Dallas could have probably got him in the third round. The Cowboys should have gotten a safety that they desperately needed like Matt Elam or Jonathan Cyprien, not Travis Frederick.The St Louis Rams have taken the first inside linebacker off the board in Georgia's Alec Ogletree. Ogletree knows how to get tackles but he does bring some character concerns to St Louis. However, Ogletree can be a very solid fit in St Louis as a weak or strongside linebacker. The Minnesota Vikings have traded back into the first round to take Cordarelle Patterson not Manti Te'o. Cordarelle Patterson is a raw talent who has the ability to blow the top of defenses. He will get the chance to learn from Greg Jennings on how to become a quality route runner but Patterson is a solid pick. However, I am surprised that this pick didn't end up being Manti Te'o or Alec Ogletree which has to please the Baltimore Ravens somewhat.Cool moment with the Boston Strong clip and support.Major Trade: The Minnesota Vikings have traded for New England's 29th overall pick. The Patriots picked up 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th round picks from New England. Minnesota has given up a lot to get this pick.The Denver Broncos have made a great pick in taking North Carolina DT Sylvester Williams. Sylvester Williams has an impressive combination of explosion and power that can allow him to run over interior lineman. Williams is a ridiculous talent that could even make some Pro Bowls. This is one of the best if not the best pick of the night.The Minnesota Vikings are trying to get Manti Te'o or Alec Ogletree which would mean the Vikings would have used three first round picks to fill  3 needs if they get that third first round pick.The Houston Texans have made DeAndre Hopkins the second receiver off the board. Hopkins has great speed and is a slot playmaker. Hopkins can also make plays on the outside and burn defenses over the top. Hopkins is a very good fit for the Texans. This pick has to be making Matt Schaub happy.Only 3 QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs have gone so far (Tyler Eifert, EJ Manuel, Tavon Austin).Green Bay has surprised some in taking Datone Jones. Jones is a natural 3-4 defensive end and can be a real good fit. However, Sylvester Williams would have been a much better fit but Jones is a great fit for the Packers.I got a feeling someone will make a deal to get Geno Smith before the end of the first round.Eddie Lacy and Sylvester Williams are the most likely options for the Green Bay Packers here with Williams being the most likely.The Minnesota Vikings have made a very good pick in cornerback Xavier Rhodes. Xavier Rhodes was the second-best cornerback on my board behind Dee Milliner and Rhodes will be a Defensive Rookie of the Year contender. Xavier Rhodes is a great pick here and I think he will be a potential Pro Bowler for the Vikings while being productive from week 1.The Colts have made an interesting pick in Florida State DE Bjoern Werner. Werner could be a defensive end or outside linebacker for the Colts. Werner was a high production player in college and can be a very good pass rusher for the Colts here in the late first round. Meanwhile, Manti Te'o might be set to come off the board.The Minnesota Vikings needed a defensive tackle and they got it in Sharrif Floyd. Floyd fills a need and is a real nice pick for the Minnesota Vikings. He can be a great fit for the Vikings and he has a huge ceiling. Floyd is not great yet but his ceiling is immense which is exactly why Floyd is a great pick by Minnesota.Another awesome moment with military members coming out on stage with fans chanting USA in the background.The Vikings will look at their defense almost certainly with their two picks with Manti Te'o being a strong possibility.The Atlanta Falcons have gotten the cornerback they have been looking for in Desmond Trufant. Desmond Trufant can be a quality starting cornerback like his brother Marcus has been. Desmond Trufant has very good speed and has been quickly rising. This is a solid pick by Thomas Dimitroff and the Atlanta Falcons.Major Trade: The Atlanta Falcons have swapped first round picks with the St Louis Rams to get the 22nd pick along with sending St Louis third and sixth round picks. Atlanta is also sending a 2015 pick to the Rams.The Cincinnati Bengals make an interesting selection in Tyler Eifert. Tyler Eifert was a player they wanted and Eifert is a great playmaking tightend. Cincinnati might have Jermaine Gresham but Eifert is a great receiver that can also be put outside. Eifert commanded Dee Milliner coverage in the national championship and can really cause issues for secondaries. Great pick for the Bengals.The Bears keep some offensive line surprises going by taking Oregon offensive lineman Kyle Long. Kyle Long projects out more as a guard that can be a solid fit but still is very raw and a huge risk. Not a smart pick when Manti Te'o and Alec Ogletree could have filled a bigger need at inside linebacker and been better picks.I think Manti Te'o or Alec Ogletree will go to the Chicago Bears here though Kevin Minter could also sneak up but that is highly unlikely.The New York Giants surprise a lot and take Syracuse offensive lineman Justin Pugh. Pugh becomes the sixth offensive lineman off the board but I think it is a slight reach. Sharrif Floyd, Sylvester Williams, Alec Ogletree, and Manti Te'o would have been better fits but Pugh is a solid pick but one of the weaker ones of the night.Sharrif Floyd and Sylvester Williams could be headed to the New York Giants.This year's draft has proven to be unpredictable so far but who knows what might happen.The San Francisco 49ers make a reach in taking LSU safety Eric Reid. Reid has some great size and is a very physical player. San Francisco probably could have stayed where they were and gotten Reid but the 49ers made sure they got who they wanted. Reid has the talent to start early on and can be a quality playmaker for the 49ers that has time to develop.The Pittsburgh Steelers have made an amazing pick in taking Jarvis Jones. Jarvis Jones is a steal for the Steelers with his amazing blitzing talent and his natural outside linebacker skills. Jones is a high character guy that goes to a high character team. Jarvis Jones is the next Von Miller in my opinion and a great steal for the Pittsburgh Steelers.Reminder, leave comments below to ask questions and refresh the page to get the latest updates and analysis. Thank you.Major Trade: The Dallas Cowboys have traded the 18th pick to the San Francisco 49ers. Dallas gets a first and third round pick from San Francisco.Xavier Rhodes and Jarvis Jones are both possibilities for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Justin Hunter could also be a very good fit in Pittsburgh due to the fact Pittsburgh lacks a big, physical receiver.EJ Manuel becomes the biggest surprise by a country mile as Manuel becomes the latest Florida State QB to surprise everybody and get drafted in the first round. Manuel has quality athletic ability and he has the leadership but I think Nassib would have been the better fit. I'm not even sure how good Manuel can be but his speed brings intrigue for Buffalo's offense. Manuel becomes the lowest first QB off the board since Chad Pennington went 18th in the 2000 NFL Draft.The first quarterback off the board could be Ryan Nassib with the Buffalo Bills now on the clock. Geno Smith could also end up in Buffalo or possibly Jarvis Jones.This is really cool. Markel from St Jude's Hospital is announcing the Saints pick and he announces that the Saints take Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro. Kenny Vaccaro is a quality safety that can really fill a need at safety next to Malcolm Jenkins. Vaccaro knows how to make tackles but he also has solid coverage skills. Vaccaro is a very solid pick for the Saints but there are a couple of questions about him.The New Orleans Saints need secondary help and Xavier Rhodes would be a great pick. However, Jarvis Jones would also be a great fit for the Saints.I can't believe I was right in having Star Lotulelei going to the Carolina Panthers. Lotulelei had the health concerns but those turned out to not be that significant. Lotulelei has great talent and can be a dominate run stuffer. Lotulelei can also grow into a solid pass rusher. Carolina has made a very smart pick in getting Star Lotulelei while Sharrif Floyd continues to fall down the board.The Carolina Panthers could be where we see Sharrif Floyd or Star Lotulelei finally come off the board.Somewhat of a surprise with Sheldon Richardson going to the New York Jets. Richardson will allow Quinton Coples to move to outside linebacker. Richardson is a very talented defensive tackle but Star Lotulelei or Sharrif Floyd would have probably been a better fit. Richardson has only one year of numbers but the fact that he was All-SEC first team proves he has some talent.This pick for the Jets could be Geno Smith or Jarvis Jones.The Oakland Raiders have taken Houston CB DJ Hayden who they were rumored with for all of today. Hayden is an intriguing pick and has quality cornerback skills but there are some health concerns. Hayden is also slightly undersized and I don't know how good he'll really be at the next level.The Oakland Raiders are most likely to take Star Lotulelei or Sharrif Floyd with Geno Smith seeming unlikely due to Matt Flynn.San Diego needed offensive line help and they have it in DJ Fluker. Fluker is more of a right tackle but the Chargers made a good pick in trying to make sure Phillip Rivers isn't on his back as much next season.The Tennessee Titans have taken a much needed guard with Chance Warmack now being headed to Nashville. Warmack is the best offensive guard in this draft and the Titans now get the next elite guard. Great pick for the Tennessee Titans.The Tennessee Titans could take Star Lotulelei or Sharrif Floyd but DJ Hayden has been rising up some draft boards rapidly and could possibly be the pick. Chance Warmack is another name that could go here to round out the top 10.The New York Jets have made the pick of the night in getting Dee Milliner. Dee Milliner has a ridiculous ceiling and could even be a Pro Bowler within his first two years in the NFL. Milliner has all the makings of being an elite cornerback. The Jets now have another Darrelle Revis by a second or third season in Dee Milliner. This is a great pick by the New York Jets.Could Dee Milliner possibly the replacement for Darrelle Revis? This could be very interesting.The New York Jets were probably looking at Tavon Austin. Rumors have suggested that Sharrif Floyd could be the pick but Jarvis Jones could be a really good pick. Also, Geno Smith could be a possibility. Remember, the New York Jets have the 13th pick also.No surprise, the Rams have gotten Tavon Austin with the eighth pick. Austin is a playmaker that can make big plays out of the slot or as a return man. Austin also has the ability to take the top off defenses and can be a great, speedy receiver. The most exciting show on turf might be back in St Louis with Tavon Austin and another speedy target in Chris Givens.If you don't know, ESPN and NFL Network agreed to not show players in the green room on phones to add an element of surprise.Tavon Austin has amazing speed and agility. However, Austin is not on the phone in the green room which could mean St Louis is taking someone else.The St Louis Rams now are trying to build an offense around Sam Bradford with Tavon Austin likely to be the pick. Bradford will have his make or break year in 2013 now with the moves Jeff Fisher is making.The Bills could take Ryan Nassib, Geno Smith, or another quarterback with that 16th pick while also now having a couple of second round picks to work with.Major Trade: The Buffalo Bills and St Louis are now making a deal. The Rams are trading up to the 8th pick most likely to get Tavon Austin. The Buffalo Bills will be getting St Louis's 16th overall pick and their second round pick. Reports also state that the Bills and Rams are swapping third round pick.The Arizona Cardinals surprise somewhat and take guard Jonathan Cooper. Cooper is a very solid offensive lineman that Bruce Arians needed. I do think Chance Warmack is better but Cooper is a solid pick.Only 6 picks in the first hour which is a little slow.The Cleveland Browns have gotten themselves an outside linebacker in Barkevious Mingo. I think Barkevious Mingo has very good speed but he lacks NFL strength. Mingo can move out to outside linebacker but I'm just not convinced that he will be that good. I think Mingo has a high chance to be a bust. Jabaal Sheard will now most likely stay at defensive end with the underrated Paul Kruger and possible bust Mingo at OLB.The Cleveland Browns could take Geno Smith but Dee Milliner, Sharrif Floyd, and Star Lotulelei are more likely possibilities.Reminder, if you want to ask a question, leave a comment below and I will answer your question. Also, you will have to refresh to get the updates. Sorry for the inconvenience.The new man on the Madden 25 cover, Barry Sanders announces that the Detroit Lions have picked Ezekiel Ansah. This is definitely a really cool moment for Barry Sanders to announce his team's pick. Ezekiel Ansah has come out of nowhere and he is a great athlete with elite potential. There is no ceiling on Ansah who has only played football for a few years. Ansah has the potential to be an incredible pass rusher for Detroit but remember, we aren't talking about many guarantees. However, Ansah has great potential and is already an amazing athlete.Dee Milliner will be elite despite injury concerns. Milliner should be the pick but if Detroit takes a pass rusher, it should be Ezekiel Ansah.The Detroit Lions now are likely to take Dee Milliner but you can't rule out Ezekiel Ansah. Also, watch out for Detroit to consider a trade with someone else who wants to trade up.Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles have gotten their left tackle in Lane Johnson. Lane Johnson has immense potential and could be one of the greatest offensive tackles ever. His 4.72 40 yard speed fits well in the up-tempo Philly offense. I personally think Johnson might just be the best offensive tackle when we look back at this draft. Great pick for Philly.Trade update: Oakland gets Miami's first and second round picks for the third pick which is now of course, Dion Jordan.I got a feeling that the Philadelphia Eagles will take Lane Johnson. If not, the Detroit Lions will take the left tackle from Oklahoma. I agree with Jon Gruden on the concerns about his strength and lack of snaps. Also, Jordan might not fit Miami's 4-3 defense too well but Cameron Wake has been able to transition though so that might not be a major concern.Wow, the Dolphins surprise everybody and take their best player available in Dion Jordan. Dion Jordan has great speed and solid strength. Cameron Wake and Dion Jordan will be a dangerous duo. Brandon Albert might still be headed to the Miami Dolphins.The Raiders get some picks that they to start rebuilding.The Oakland Raiders have traded the pick to the Miami Dolphins which means Lane Johnson is most likely headed to South Beach with Brandon Albert staying with the Kansas City Chiefs.I think Mel Kiper is way wrong about Lane Johnson to Oakland since Jared Veldheer is already in OaklandThere have been rumors with the Oakland Raiders taking Houston CB DJ Hayden which would be a massive surprise. However, I expect Dee Milliner or Sharrif Floyd to go off here with Ezekiel Ansah having an outside shot.The Jacksonville Jaguars have taken a left tackle in Luke Joeckel as the two best players on the board are now gone. It will be interested to see if Jacksonville tries to trade Eugene Monroe.The Jacksonville Jaguars will have some options with Dee Milliner, Dion Jordan, Ezekiel Ansah, Sharrif Floyd, and Luke Joeckel.Who would have ever thought that a player from Central Michigan would be the number one pick but Eric Fisher has elite talent. Jacksonville is now on the clock.The Chiefs take Eric Fisher first overall to most likely be their left tackle for a long time. The Chiefs also still haven't dealt Brandon Albert which will be a story to watch.Rumors have suggested that Fisher could be the pick but I still think the Chiefs will take Joeckel.The 2013 NFL Draft is under way with the Kansas City Chiefs likely to either trade the first pick or take Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher. 

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