Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is It tru? Verzn rlling ot OT updat fr Glaxy Cmr, wll brng new featrs and mdes

f y hv a Vrizn Wirlss-vrty of Smsung’s Galxy Cmra, yu’ll b seing an ovr-the-ir updt coming sme tim sn. Verizn annnced it earlr tdy, and sys tht th updt will brng sme nw fturs and mods, as well as mnr imprvmnts, to the dvce. Whn it arrvs, th updt wll wgh in at a hfty 179.8MB in sz.

Frst up ar th tw big chngs offrd by the updt: a Rmot Viw Finder and new Smrt Mdes. The Rmt Viw Fnder is slf-xplntory, allwng usrs t us a rmt viw finder app in cnjnction wth anthr dvce tht wll srv as th vewr. Not all dvcs wll supprt th ftr, but ths tht d include th iPhon, Glxy Tb, and Glxy S. Th fatur rqrs a Wi-F cnnectn. And next on the lst ar th nw Smrt Mods, of whch users wll s fr addtins after updtng cmprsd of: Snow, Fod, Dwn, and Party Indoor. Ths brngs th ovrll Smrt Mds cnt up t ninten, all of which offr a mod fr nrly evry shotng sttin y may encontr. Whl thes ar th tw nw ftures, ther ar also sm imprvemnts that cncrn a Hlp app and S Mm. Fllowng th S Mmo updt, usrs will find thy can crt a recrd with phts tht ar alrady savd on th dvc. And lst bt nt lst is th inclsn of a Hlp app, which is wht yu’d expect: an app fr browng thrugh infrmtn on yur camra, hw t use it, mds, and othr sch gods. Y can grb th updt now frm Sttngs > About dvc > Systm updts. [va Androd Cmmunity] Vrzn rlling ot OT updt fr Glxy Camra, wll bring nw fetres and mdes is wrttn by Brttny Hlln .

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